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title Linked Data and Ancient Documents
author Pietro Maria Liuzzo
licence Property of Universität Hamburg
description Linked Data and Ancient Documents RDF, URIs, Linked Data and CIDOC-CRM Vocabularies, ontologies, models
date 2020/05/14– 2020/05/14
language en
institution Universität Hamburg
exercise yes
literature yes
format Seminar
medium Zoom
location Universtität Hamburg

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ENCODE DGLE Workshop 2021
The Workshop has been organized as part of the first Multiplier Event of the ENCODE Project and deals mainly with the EpiDoc xml language, Digital Epigraphy and Papyrology, the use of XML editors (Oxygen) and publishing tools (EFES)
Linked Open Data for Written Artefacts
The training will introduce participants to basic Linked Open Data technologies and show techniques to produce, store, visualize, query, reuse, and share data as Linked Open RDF Data. Based mainly on the experience of the Beta Maṣāḥǝft project the training will use examples from epigraphy, codicology, and papyrology and will welcome further diverse datasets to be connected.
Using GitHub (Atom and GitHub Desktop)
IIIF storage and presentation of images, how to encode links to images.
ENCODE Digital Papyrology Workshop Parma
The Workshop offers an intensive training in Digital Papyrology and Leiden+ syntax and an introduction to Linguistic Annotation of Greek documentary papyri, with the presentation of projects and specific issues
Reusing Data
Reusing the data from stored dumps, citing Beta maṣāḥǝft, reusing the bibliography, reusing the database, APIs available.
Dealing with Images: IIIF
Dealing with Images: IIIIF Manuscripts in Beta Masaheft Producing, managing and exposing images Dealing with APIs
A practical introduction to machine learning and natural language processing on papyrus data
This module illustrates some natural language processing and machine learning techniques for exploring papyrus data using Google Colab with Python and shows how to build simple machine learning models for classifying different papyrus characteristics.
Challenges and issues of using Transkribus in large late medieval manuscript collections: the Memoriali Project (MemoBo)
The module illustrates the aim of the Memoriali project (MemoBo) and the development of a model for the automatic transcription of medieval manuscripts through Transkribus, a platform for the text recognition, image analysis and structure recognition of historical documents.

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